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Client Consent

2.Have you used UV tanning equipment before?
3. Is your skin naturally...
4. ​In sunlight, does your skin usually...
5. Please click each option below to confirm that prior to your sunbed you know to...
6. Please click each option below to confirm you understand the following guidance...
7. Are you currently taking any medical drugs that can increase the skins sensitivity to UV ray?
8. Do you have any medical conditions which are worsened by sunlight?
9. Are you pregnant?​
10. ​Have you undergone any surgery in the last 6 weeks?
11. Do you have an excessive number of freckles and/or more than 50 moles?
12. Have you or anyone in your immediate family ever had skin cancer?
13. Do you have a history of sunburn, especially from childhood?

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions from Q7 to Q13, please consult a GP before using a sunbed.

PLEASE READ AND eSIGN BELOW: ​I have read and understood the information provided and have given accurate answers to all of the above questions. I have consulted my GP where necessary.​ I confirm that I am over 18 years of age and I am suitable to use UV tanning equipment. I undertake to advise the salon if my medical condition changes.

Please note you will need to bring a type of ID on arrival to the salon for us to double check the age that you have submitted.​

Thank you for submitting!

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