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Our Lotions

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality tanning lotions and here are some of our Best Sellers:

Devoted Creations Metaphoria Bronzer

If you are ready to explore euphoric celestial color, then transform your skin to a glowing galaxy with the Mega Mystical Metaphoria! This ultra-hydrating blend utilizes ceramides helping to recharge and retain skins natural moisture levels for satin soft skin. Auto-Darkening agents work overtime providing infinitely iconic, dreamy dark results. Powerful Prebiotic Proteins, Softening Squalane and cutting edge skin shaping additives leave you with the appearance of an abundant allure. If you are ready to unveil the unrivaled utopia of universally unbelievable results, then take the trip to the metaverse of color that is Metaphoria.

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Devoted Creations Electric Aura Maximizer

Super Soothing & Softening Ceramide Complex Hypo-Allergenic + Sensitive Skin Approved Paraben, Gluten, Oil, Nut, Dye, Wheat & Allergen Free Fragrance, Vegan Formula. Take the whimsical ride to the land of dreamy darkness with Electric Aura™! This visionary créme utilizes skin soothing and softening Ceramides, grape water, cotton and rice extracts to hydrate and calm even those with the most sensitive skin. This fairytale fantasy formula nourishes the skin with the use of Green Tea and cucumber for essential vitamins and nutrients. If you envision mythical magic beyond your wildest

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Devoted Creations Black Velvet Bronzer

This revolutionary formula contains instant dark tan activators that allow you to see color much quicker, while also building a deep, long lasting bronzed result in just 2 hours! Enriched with black charcoal and blue tansy extracts, this velvety soft black bronzer will detoxify, color correct and protect the skin from developing any orange hues. Added spray tan safe silicones plus tattoo and color fade protectors allow your results to last days longer by keeping skin hydrated and creating a moisture barrier to protect color fading. If what you seek is super soft skin and superior dark results, then vow to velvet…Black Velvet™!

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Devoted Creations Maliblue Maximizer

Anti-Orange Tan Enhancer – Color Correcting – Infused with Coconut and Plum Double Dip Approved Formula Get yourself in a Sunshine State of Mind with Devoted Creations Maliblue™! This blue hued dark tanning formula will nourish, hydrate and counteract any orange tones and help to correct any skin imperfections. If ‘Just from the Beach’ bronze color is what you crave… take a Trip to Maliblue™!

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Devoted Creations HIM Billionaire Bronzer

Oil Absorbing + Tattoo Protecting + Ultra-Dark Tanning Formula HIM Billionaire™ is formulated exclusively for the Man who demands excellence! This generously loaded bronzing blend utilizes opulent amounts of Natural and DHA bronzers to allow for superior dark results at an accelerated speed. This exquisite blend is overflowing with complexion perfecting, toning, wrinkle reducing and color correcting agents so you are left with the sought after, envy worthy skin only some can dream of. If what you seek is prosperous results that are rich and rare, then look no further than HIM Billionaire™

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Devoted Creations Prismatica Maximizer

It’s time to glisten and glow with Prismatica™, the newest revolutionary innovation by Devoted Creations! This Chromatic Color Enhancing formula is designed to work with Blue light, Red light and UV light to help you achieve high intensity results! Formulated with pH balancing agents, plateau breakers and an electrolyte cocktail, Prismatica™ will penetrate quickly into the skin so you are able to receive unmatched results from every session. A rapid release blend of Vegan Collagen, Phytic Acid and Probiotics will help transform your skin so you are left with a tighter, more toned and firm youthful appearance. No need to sacrifice when it comes to your color, for radiant results from any light hue, Prismatica™ is the one for you!

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Devoted Creations Herbal CBD Special Edition Bronzer

Devoted Herbal Special Edition CBD™ Black bronzing lotion is formulated to enhance and pH balance the skin for maximum results from UV light or from any type of light therapy. Deep penetrating instant and long lasting bronzers make Devoted Herbal Special Edition CBD™ your best bud for quick, long lasting results unmatched by anything on the market. Natural acne combating oils and extracts, combined with calming lavender, hemp seed, argan and coconut essential oils allow your skin to drift off into a realm of relaxation. Formulated with ginger root extracts to open pores and create maximum absorption for this unique power packed 1000mg CBD Isolate Formula.

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Supre Tan Go to Black Maximizer

Advanced dark tanning maximiser formulated with an advanced tanning concentrate to take you several shades darker in just one tanning session. Enriched with Tyrosine and Carrot Oil, this tanning accelerator also contains Argan Oil to hydrate and nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft, silky and smooth. Suitable for use on all skin types, the formula includes Vitamins A, C and E which help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a rejuvenated look. This maximiser exudes a delightful Polynesian Palace fragrance. Paraben-free & cruelty-free.

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Tanovations Covergirl Bronzer

This tropical-infused tanning cocktail will transform the skin to sultry and sleek softness with the use of Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk and Cupuaçu butter. DHA Free means that a particular self-tanning product does not contain dihydroxyacetone. Instead, it may use other ingredients to produce a tan-like effect, such as erythrulose, a natural keto-sugar that reacts with amino acids in a similar way to DHA. The pink coconut fragrance is often associated with tropical beach vacations and can evoke feelings of relaxation and warmth.

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Devoted Creations HIM Fit Maximizer

Oil Absorbing - Body Deodorizing -Tattoo Protecting HIM Fit™ is formulated to tan and hydrate men’s stubborn skin while absorbing instantly to avoid excess rubbing or left-over residue. HIM Fit™’s unique cooling indoor/outdoor formula eliminates after-tan odor while protecting the life of your tan and your tattoos. Perfect for the guy on the go! It’s okay to have a bromance with HIM™... we love HIM™ too!

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Devoted Creations Moonrise Bronzer

This ultra-vivid natural bronzer allows plant based dark dimension bronzers to provide streak-free/stain-free unrivaled results! Utilizing euphoric X50 PhotoGlowTM and Lunar light spheres, MoonriseTM is formulated for universal light hues. Added glowing Golden C combines Vitamin c and stardust gold particles to provide an immense realm of celestial skin perfectors while targeting the appearance of skins imperfections. Send your color in to orbit with the dreamy destiny of dark results that is only achievable when you shoot for the moon.

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Devoted Creations Herbal CBD Maximizer

Devoted Herbal CBD™ Tan Enhancing and pH balancing lotion is formulated for use indoor, outdoor and/or with light therapy. Added pH Balancers and dark tan enhancers make Devoted Herbal CBD™ your best bud for the bed, the beach or red light therapy. Natural acne combating oils and extracts, combined with calming lavender, hemp seed and coconut essential oils allow your skin to drift off into a realm of relaxation. Formulated with ginger root extracts to open pores and create maximum absorption for this unique CBD Isolate Formula. Go Green!

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Devoted Creations Neon Rose Bronzer

Infused with Luxurious Rose & Coconut for Petal Soft Skin This color captivating formula is perfect for the girl on the go! Luminous natural bronzers allow for a streak-free/stain-free bronzed result without the use of selftanners. Mesmerizing BB crème and extravagant levels of cellulite fighters, skin toning and collagen boosters allow for radiant results! Exotic Japanese rose and rose hip seed oil will leave skin stunningly, silky smooth. What are you waiting for, your color is ready to bloom!

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Devoted Creations Opalescent Maximizer

Light Defusing Micro Pearls + Holographic Electrolyte Cocktail Opalescent™’s hyper-reflective, dimension-creating, skin luminizer is formulated for the most discerning client that demands a get-noticed-glow! Our revolutionary 4K blend will soften, focus and illuminate to transform fine lines, wrinkles and pores for a more tightened and smooth appearance. The reflective radiance of our light defusing micro pearls work to refract light while creating powdery soft transparent coverage to filter out skins imperfections for a more refined appearance to the skin. This holographic Electrolyte Blend is rich in antioxidants and powerful humectants which are vital to quench the skin and maintain ample hydration levels, improve the skins barrier strength and help to protect against daily environmental dehydration. If you are ready to light up your complexion with skin as flawless as your favorite filter… we know you will obsess over Opalescent™

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