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Our Sunbeds

Established since 2012, Situated on Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells,

Beach House Tanning offers state-of-the-art Sunbeds and Lotions


Ergoline Prestige Blue Vision Spectra

Features Include:

  • LED technology for impressive tanning results. 120 activating light LEDs have an activating effect on the organism due to the blue light and prepare the skin for tanning. This enables fast visible and particularly intensive direct pigmentation.

  • Electronic Voice Assistant.

  • 3-zone ventilation.

  • Surround Cooling.

  • Climatronic Plus.


Ergoline Prestige 1100 Dynamic Performance AC Plus

Features Include:


  • Dynamic power system

  • Extra-wide multi relax base acrylic with armrests and adjustable footrests.

  • Refreshing experience with climatronic plus and aqua fresh & aroma.

  • 3D - sound system with MP 3 dock, voice guide and auto volume.

  • Innovative cockpit control with large illuminated symbols.

Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 20.41.12.png

Ergoline Affinity 990 Dynamic Performance AC Plus

Features Include:


  • New design with LED Light Show.

  • New control panel in glass with Smart Control:

  • Advanced performance: best tanning results (+10%) thanks to the use of glass and reflectors

ESSENCE-440-04 (1).jpg

Ergoline Essence 440


Features Include:

  • Excellent tanning performance with 44 UV lamps.

  • Spacious tanning area for comfortable freedom of movement.

  • Single sound for superb entertainment can be enhanced with the sound module including amplifier, headset and MP3 dock.

  • All functions are easy to set using the innovative soft-touch operating panel



Ergoline Sunrise 480 


Features Include:

  • 48 x 200W, 2m body lamps for a perfect all-around tan.

  • Powerful, yet whisper-quiet cooling fan.

  • 3D sound for entertainment during tanning.

  • Spacious tanning environment.

Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 21.03.37.png

Ergoline Prestige 1600 Dynamic Performance AC Plus

Features Include:


  • NFC Connect

  • Bluetooth

  • Climatronic Plus

  • Aqua Fresh Aroma

  • Control Center

  • Multi Relax Acrylic

  • 3D sound

  • Voice Guide

  • Mp3

  • LED Light Show

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